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Permacode’s Warehouse Floor Labels are the most durable products you will find and easily install in less than 5 minutes per label. It is the ideal floor marking solution for bulk and staging locations. The 3 mm bevelled aluminium frame protects the label from abuse of pallets and vehicular traffic. Choose from the screw-down or the adhesive floor label kit.

The Camcode family of high-performance Metalphoto ® anodised aluminium labels  have a long-standing reputation for durability in all environments. Camcode labels have satisfied applications from mobile IT assets to US DoD combat equipment and weaponry where all other marking solutions have failed. Their credentials include a long list of industry specifications and approvals. Camcode labels withstand exposure to the harshest chemicals and solvents, abrasion, salt spray, paint, oil, gas and temperatures up to 1200°F. They've been proven to endure 20+ years of outdoor exposure. Plus, the proprietary computer-to-plate manufacturing technology is the most efficient in the industry.    

Long-Range Retro-Reflective Bar Code Labels:  The retro-reflective warehouse labels are designed to reach scanning distances up to 50 feet with long-range scanners. These warehouse bar code systems provide the ultimate in functionality.

Rack labels in a variety of media can be supplied not only for ambient temperatures but in cold stores to -30 Deg C  Supplied as self adhesive or magnetic.


Complementing the rack beam label is the range of vertically mounted rack frame labels that can be colour coded to indicate the shelf level which greatly improved functionality.



We can also provide all types and styles of warehouse labels as well as line marking tapes and decals.

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